Case study Etoner


Etoner International is a startup printer ink supplier in Taiwan. The market is already mature but the founder is very experienced in this industry and know how to development ongoing business – he decided to outsource with Enspyre’s B2B Telemarketing services.

Because there are hundred and hundreds different kinds of toners, its inefficient to give customers a list with hundreds of prices and then negotiate on each price.

Contacting customers on the phone is efficient but to have their own team would involve adding a lot of manpower and expertise, this is what they decide to ask Enspyre telemarketing for help instead.

During the first month, Enspyre helped Etoner International contact over 1000 customers to introduce their services and products and perform a phone survey, set appointments with close to 400 potential customers. This way Etoner International not only quickly increase sales but also gain valuable marketing knowledge.

If you didn’t have enough human resource but want to contact more customers by telemarketing , you just need to outsource to a highly efficient telemarketing development team!


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