[Commercial Times] Foreign Entrepreneurs in Taiwan


[Commercial Times] reports on Enspyre Co-founder and CEO Elias Ek and his book How to Start a Business in Taiwan.

There are 7 million foreign tourists coming to Taiwan each year, but the bookstores at the Taoyuan International Airport sell only 10 English books. Elias EK, CEO of Enspyre, pointed out that Taiwan’s international airport do not sell many English books. Just like Taiwan has big companies but no big brands, foreigners can’t really know Taiwan, and it shows that Taiwan is not international enough. We should think more about ways to let foreigners understand Taiwan.

The Swedish-born Elias Ek, who came to Taiwan 14 years ago, did not speak a Chinese when he arrived. After only three months, he decided to start a business in Taiwan. His Taiwanese company has consulted the investors from 126 countries about the investment environment in Taiwan. He said at the Yushan Science and Technology Association event in Taiwan this morning that Taiwan has a good entrepreneurial environment. Taiwan has 30,000 foreigners who are involved in business.

Elias Ek said that the foreign visitors who visit Taiwan will want to give away souvenirs that represent Taiwan when returning home. The bookstores should sell more English books about Taiwan. It is the best commemoration of the selection of tourists. Unfortunately, in his own experience, the English bookstore in the airport bookstore is quite limited, with only 10 books offered.

The Yushan Science and Technology Association held the Taiwan Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Policy Forum today. The first session was titled “How to Accelerate the Cultivation of Taiwan’s New Ventures.” The host, the executive director of the Taiwan Yushan Science and Technology Association and the chairman of the Industrial Research Institute, Cai Qingyan, said that foreigners like it. Starting a business in Taiwan, because the people of Taiwan are friendly, the Internet is convenient, and the engineers are more than entrepreneurs. However, if Taiwan is not international enough, it is difficult to convince foreigners in Taiwan to start a business. “The international airport does not sell English books? !”

Elias Ek pointed out that Taiwan is suitable for entrepreneurship. If 30,000 foreign professionals in Taiwan can be motivated to cooperate with local entrepreneurial teams, Taiwan’s innovative enterprises will be more international, like Yahoo, YouTube and other famous American startups. Created by foreigners, Taiwan has such energy and development potential. Go to the original news page.


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