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We are investing in talent, processes, systems, and maintain a great corporate culture

all to provide our hundreds of customers with ever better services in a professional, efficient and innovative spirit.

Our Story

Enspyre was founded in 2002, first offering phone answering services for small and medium enterprises. Telemarketing services was later added and Enspyre is now Taiwan’s leading B2B Telemarketing firm. Customers include many of the world’s leading brands like Oracle, eBay, GM, Samsung and more.

Our Story - Enspyre

Enspyre Advantages – Emphasis on Education

All our corporate customers are experts in their fields. We work on behalf of many of the world’s best IT companies. While we are no technical experts, we spend a lot of time to ensure we know how to explain and sell our customers’ products.

Phone Teams - Enspyre B2B Services

Phone Teams

College graduates
Articulate, witty
Fast learners

Enspyre Training - Enspyre B2B Services

Enspyre Training

Step-by-step training
Customer service
Sales training
Role play
System operation

Telephone Skills - Enspyre B2B Services

Telephone Skills

Phone etiquette
Customer service skills
Complaint handling
Telemarketing skills
Script training
Role play

Project Training - Enspyre B2B Services

Project Training

Company background
Product knowledge
Sales point training
Script, reports preparation

Work with Enspyre

Talents, processes, systems, and corporate culture are the factors that enable Enspyre to continuously improve and continue to provide better and more customer-friendly services. With good people, correct processes, efficient systems, and a positive corporate culture, we are confident that we can be your strongest and most effective helper.

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