Case Study Oracle Business Success


Oracle Taiwan Marketing Manager, George Chen said: Enspyre is a trustworthy partner to help you achieve KPI.

With Enspyre managing the event booking and being tasked with inviting the right customers, Oracle Day 2012 was successfully attended by 502 Information Department directors and engineers, giving this event a perfect ending.

Oracle Business Background
Oracle is the world’s leading provider of electronic business software and services. Founded in California in 1977, the company has 115,000 employees and 390,000 customers in 145 countries. In 2012, its revenue reached US$37.2 billion.

Seminars are Oracle’s Main Marketing Method
Although seminars are more expensive than other marketing tools, in the long-term the seminars gather the right potential customers to share future trends and success stories face-to-face and convey the values of the products. Via the seminars and ongoing follow-ups to cultivate and establish the customers, sales targets can be reached. This is Oracle’s most successful marketing methods in Taiwan.

Oracle and Enspyre Telecom Team
Oracle has long outsourced the enrollment work of the seminar to Enspyre, allowing the team to have more time for more comprehensive marketing planning, while eliminating the cost and risk of personnel training, management, and scheduling. The preparation period for the Oracle Symposium is very short, and Enspyre sometimes only has 2-3 days to learn about different products and target customers to perform telephone enrollment. During the 3-4 weeks of calling, in addition to clearly understanding the progress, Enspyre also needs to adjust the speech and enrollment goals according to the situation. In such a tight and highly flexible situation, Enspyre has reached the attendance goal and the correct decision makers again and again, and even provided many marketing suggestions and logistical support, so the Oracle marketing team has no worries.

Since the success of the first seminar in March 2012, Enspyre and Oracle have continued to cooperate for many different scale seminars.

Mr. Chen says “in the future, Oracle will continue to use Enspyre’s quality services.”

Oracle seminars:

Date: April 12
Seminar theme: Cloud Infrastructure
Implementation results: 101 IT hardware executives attended

Date: April 26
Seminar theme: Customer Relationship Management (Taipei)
Implementation results: 75 marketing / business executives, IT software executives attended

Date: May 4
Seminar theme: Customer Relationship Management (Kaohsiung)
Implementation results: 56 marketing/business executives, IT software executives attended

Date: August 24
Seminar theme: Data Center Optimization
Implementation results: 350 IT hardware executives attended

Date: October 5th
Seminar theme: Data Management Optimization
Implementation results: 63 Storage executives, IT hardware executives attended

Date: November 16
Seminar theme: Oracle Day 2012
Implementation results: 622 IT executives attended

For the “Oracle Day 2012” event, Enspyre successfully invited more than 900 business executives to attend.  Of them, 502 were directors and engineers from information department; this far exceeded the goal of 450 from this category.

Professional Consultation
Before the start of the project, in addition to the definition of the name list to be called and call script, the effectiveness of each phase of the call will be reviewed by the Enspyre Telemarketing Project Manager who will make recommendations to the customer to ensure the best possible final results. These recommendations are based on the feedback from the target participants and Enspyre’s experience and cover anything from changes to the script to adjustments to the seminar plan.

Professional Executive Team
Enspyre has a very experienced team who do nothing but B2B telemarketing. Their experience often make the difference of failure and success.

For Oracle Day 2012, the Enspyre Project Manager was on location at the event to see firsthand how many of registered attendees actually show up and to assist in subsequent administrative operations; business card collation, data filing, etc. After the seminar, the final report for the Oracle project team was quickly completed so they can immediately evaluate their event.

High Quality Telephone System
Enspyre not only records all calls for quality control but also makes complete logs of each call using advanced form designs. Enspyre employ strict internal operating procedures to make the quality of the reports better.

Extensive Reports
The results of the telemarketing interviews show the number of the project invitations, the attendance and the feedback from potential attendees and much more giving more foundation for future seminar and marketing decisions.

Seminar invitation standard process:

  1. Industry experience: best recommendations for target groups, lists, and telemarketing processes.
  2. Definition of decision makers: defined by both parties.
  3. Development of survey: what information needs to be recorded.
  4. Calling potential participants: Professional telemarketing agents contacts the target participants and the extend invitations.
  5. Sending of follow-up information: e-mails will be sent to interested participants.
  6. Daily telemarketing report: project report, details of the daily achievements.
  7. Detailed statistics: tracking the responses of decision makers.
  8. Seminar registration: assist participants in online seminar registration.
  9. Event reminder: the day before the lecture, remind participants of the time and place via SMS, email and phone.
  10. Closing report: complete information about decision makers, market information for subsequent marketing and business decisions.


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