Manufacturer has only three people in Taiwan. They reach 30M in sales. How?


How to create 30 million revenues from scratch in a year?

With the help of Enspyre’s Exclusive Seat service, a foreign company successfully entered the market very quickly.

A foreign IT hardware manufacturer has only three people in Taiwan. In the first year of entering the Taiwan market, it reached more than NTD30 million in sales. How did they do it?

1500+ Potential Business Customers
Within a year, Enspyre assisted the client to successfully contact more than 1,500 potential customers.

300+ Customer Appointments 
Within one year, Enspyre assisted the client to arrange more than 300 customer appointments.

100+ Business Opportunities
Within one year, the customer obtained more than 100 business opportunities, each of which exceeded NTD500,000.

In the first year after entering the Taiwanese market  they had only team members and they started out without any customer database. Under such circumstances, how to find the contact windows of the Top 2000 enterprises in Taiwan and generate equipment buying opportunities?

They chose to hire Enspyre to provide a long-term Exclusive Seat telemarketing agent.

This large hardware manufacturer entered the Taiwan market in 2015. They are in a very competitive market where cost control is essential. Therefore they only have 3 people and can’t take on tasks such as cold calling and customer follow-up.

Enspyre’s Exclusive Seat service includes a full time experienced Telemarketing Agent backed up with a Project Manager, who is dedicated to the company’s service for a full year. Our agent assisted the company to contact Taiwan’s Top 2000 companies by phone, and made more than 1,500 business contact and successfully arranged more than 300 appointments.

During the first year, the client successfully obtained equipment orders from dozens of customers, and ended the first year with revenues of more than NTD30 million in revenues. The business volume in Taiwan has grown rapidly thanks to Enspyre telephone business development service.

If the company were to hire their own full-time business developer the cost is quite high. In addition to salary, it also includes recruitment, management, training, office space and other costs. Not to mention if the company has expertise in high volume phone development.

When companies pursue high-speed growth, Enspyre’s telephone business development services are a more cost-effective and more profitable option when developing business opportunities.


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