Exclusive Seats

Need to continuously develop new customers? It is hard to find and train sales people who can reliably contact new potential customers. This is the best time to use rent Enspyre’s Exclusive Seats. The same professional Project Manager and highly skilled agents, but you pay for one of our agents to be continuously assigned to your company.


We have worked for B2B companies in most industries

Do you have 100, 1000 or 1 million existing or potential commercial customers in Taiwan? We can help you reach them!

Practice makes perfect. By signing a longer contract for an Telemarketing Agent to exclusively work for you, the project managers and agents all have the time to refine their knowledge and skills. This is done through regular meetings and continuous communication about your product and projects. Companies from ANY industry can benefit from that.

Enspyre Customers

We serve customers in all industries and sizes. How can we help you?
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