[ETToday] Let The Angel of Enspyre Be Your Secretary!


ETToday reports on Enspyre’s innovative services.

Valentine’s Day is the peak of Chinese people sending text messages and calling to express their love. But modern people are not only busy, many people suffer from “social phobia” because of the Internet. As a result, some companies have launched a “personal communication” service to help busy or shy caring people through phone calls or text messages to speak up.

Enspyre, which provides telephone secretarial services, launched a personal “Secretary Girl” service on the eve of Valentine’s Day. It will not only act as the business secretary of the business owner, but also help serve as the “Team Secretary”, for customers or family members. Have them call a lover or a friend, this service can help out get out what the business owner wants to say.

This service, claims to have the goal “mission must be answered.” As long as participants fills in the person, time, and content that they want the Secretary to help contact, they can get a designated person to send a message. Participants can also receive an SMS reports and recording records; it can be regarded as a professional telephone secretary service standard to help the general public express their feelings.

The service is from August 20th to August 31st. Go to Enspyre’s website to select your favorite secretary girl, whether it is the glamorous and sexy black secretary Tiffany, the sweet and lovely white secretary Michelle, or the warm and generous red secretary Uma; you can designate them to make calls within a specific time and deliver messages to specific people.

In order to increase the creativity and splendor of this event, Enspyre has not only designed awards such as Business King, Popularity King, Creativity King, etc., but also recorded humorous examples on the event website, not just popular idols, current news In the incident, even Tang Bohu and Qiu Xiang, the heads of the four great talents in the south of the Yangtze River, joined together with a smile and tasted chicken wings.


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