Enspyre’s Elias Ek share his experience as an foreign entrepreneur in Taiwan.

創新發現誌專訪安石國際總經理 Elias Ek先生

Fm96.7 Elias Ek

The program “Innovation One“, jointly produced by IDEAS and FM 96.7 UDN Radio, was jointly developed by the IDC and focused on the entrepreneurial experience and the idea of innovation.

In the program from May 14th, 2013, Elias Ek, the CEO and Co-founder of Enspyre International, was invited to share his 13 years of entrepreneurial experience in Taiwan. In the program, Elias not only shared the story of his struggles, but also talked about the current efforts to help more foreigners who want to start a business in Taiwan; and his book How to Start a Business in Taiwan.