Enspyre B2B Marketing Seminar 8 – Smart Access Development Strategy

The latest Enspyre B2B Marketing Seminar invited Mr. Jimmy Lu Lizheng, the general manager of Polycom Taiwan, to share valuable channel development and operation experience. Nearly 40 business and marketing executives from B2B companies attended the conference.

Channel Management Rules
“It is the key to accept and be satisfied with the path.” Mr. Lu said that his approach is to use the channel provider as a partner. Regardless of whether the channel encounters sales problems, you always need to be concerned and offer assistance. It is important to make the channel partners feel connected to and reflect the management value of the original brand, so that the front line personnel can fully understand the product and explain it.

Sam, the General Manager of Enspyre, said that the current practice of B2B sales and marketing is to identify corporate leads through telephone interviews, and then focus on the proper follow-up. The key point with using B2B telemarketing is that in addition to connecting to a large number of opportunities in a short time, the impact of a proper 2-way communication is strong and the most effective way to convey powerful messages. This is especially for more involved products that needs explanations.

About partner speakers
“The most important job of the business is sales. Everyone has different methods. When it comes to business development, you have to do it.” Polycom – General Manager of Taiwan – Jimmy Lu

Prior to Polycom, Lu Lizheng served as Senior Marketing Director of 3M Medical, Fuerte Technology Business Manager, Director of Shangqi Technology Marketing Department, and Associate of American Symantec Consumer Channel. He also taught at Huafan University.

Currently, he is the general manager of Polycom Taiwan, and is based in Taiwan. He is responsible for improving the sales of Polycom’s various companies, developing market demand and continuing to expand the existing users of Polycom in Taiwan. He studied at Sonoma State University and obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in management. He is the author of the financial management blog “Lu Lizheng blog / workplace philosophy”.

About Polycom
Polycom is a global integrated communications/video equipment manufacturer with over 41 million companies trusting Polycom solutions. Known for high-quality audio and video, and efficient communication integration and collaboration, we are committed to breaking the barriers of distance and assisting companies to collaborate and communicate more effectively with institutions such as the economics and economics community.

Polycom continues to pursue innovation and video in the vertical industry applications, with outstanding performance in the financial, medical, government, education and manufacturing sectors.


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