CCIFT SME Awards 2013


The annual French Chamber of Commerce and Industry Innovative Service Awards took place. The left picture shows the four companies represented by XCorentin Joyeux- Bio Planète/Véziane Faure- Marchand de linge/Paul Dupont- Open Science Lab/Jean-Loup Fayolle- Wholistic Communication, the picture on the right is the general manager of Enspyre International while sharing the latest status of the company since they were last years winner.

The 3rd SME Innovation Service Award

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Award for SME Innovative Service, organized by CCIFT’s French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was created to encourage SMEs to develop innovative services and strengthen links with partners or investors. It is also expected to be used to discover and promote Innovative services for SMEs.


Englist Needs SEO to Reach Parents

Englist Needs SEO to Reach Parents

Englist is a Taiwanese school specializing in teaching Academic Writing. Founded in 2018 they have quickly attracted a strong following of parents and their children that appreciate their dedication to real knowledge and abilities, as opposed to an emphases on passing...