Enspyre’s Team


Enspyre has the best team in the industry. Everybody in the company, including management and administrators, has a personal and professional drive to learn more and do a better job.

Our service team are carefully recruited for skill and attitude and then continuously educated to better serve our customers. Many of our managers have been with us for many years giving us the experience to offer the best services.

Co-founder Elias Ek
Elias Ek is the co-founder and President of business services company Enspyre (www.enspyre.com) which B2B Telemarketing and Phone Answering and services.

Mr. Ek is from Sweden but moved to the US in 1994. Since then he has also lived in Japan, and is since 2000 living in Taiwan.

Before starting Enspyre, Mr. Ek served as Director of International Marketing for notebook PC maker PaceBlade, marketing for B2B marketplace AsianProducts.com, and Marketing Manager for Tennessee rehabilitative initiative in corrections (TRICOR).

Mr. Ek received a Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Radio/TV Broadcasting, both from Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee. He has also studied at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, Sweden and at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan.

Entrepreneurial Experience
Already as a 15-year-old, Mr. Ek had the idea to start a company. It didn’t work very well since few adults took a teenage boss for real. At the age of 18 he tried to buy a license for a commercial radio station from the Swedish government, but could not raise enough money.

During his years as a student in the US he co-founded several small internet businesses.

When he came to Taiwan, Mr. Ek and his wife first planned to start a coin laundry company but instead started another internet business instead. They sold this business for a profit before starting Enspyre in 2002.

Support for Entrepreneurs in Taiwan
In 2006 Enspyre organized the first ever seminar for foreigners interested in starting their own business in Taiwan. As co-chair of the European Chamber of Commerce Taipei SME Centre for 3 years Mr. Ek helped organize workshops and programs to help foreign entrepreneurs. Mr. Ek is currently active with the French Chamber of Commerce.

In 2011 Enspyre worked with Yushan Ventures to bring Startup Weekend to Taiwan and also sponsored Startup Labs.

By the end of 2012 Mr. Ek will publish a book for foreign entrepreneurs called How to start a business in Taiwan.


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