Two foreigners, promoting Taiwan entrepreneurship with Startup Weekend


Why Startup Weekend Taipei?
It’s six o’clock in the evening. More than a hundred entrepreneurs full of ideals have come together and will soon start a marathon of thinking.

In the process of starting a business, you need an idea a team and the necessary resources. Startup Weekend is a platform that can provide these three items. Startup Weekend is an amazing format, concentrating the entrepreneurial journey that might take months or years into a weekend and bringing all the talent together to provide the resources you need.

The event will be held at the NCCU Public Education Center from 8/12 to 8/14. In the process, many experienced entrepreneurial mentors will be invited to give support. Let’s explore how Startup Weekend Taipei awakens Taiwanese entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend Taipei Origin

In 2007, Startup Weekend was founded in Colorado and quickly ignited a wave of entrepreneurship in the US. By the end of 2010 more than 25,000 alumni and volunteer participants had been accumulated in more than 30 countries. To date, Startup Weekend has successfully helped create more than 500 companies. The 364th  Startup Weekend will be the first in Taipei and it is expected that 130 people will participate.

About the Startup Weekend event process

What can I do in 54 hours? Spend leisurely weekends, travel to other places, or put your ideas into practice? In Startup Weekend, you can find the right startup partner and even start a new company in 54 hours. Whether you are a passionate entrepreneur, a financial expert, a passionate marketing staff, an engineer who is good at web development and programming, or a venture capitalist looking for future business opportunities, you have the opportunity to play here and find it.

“No Talk, All Action”, where the action is unique!
“The focus of entrepreneurship is not on paper, but on the team and the ability to act.”

In Irvine, California., the world-famous “World of Warcraft” game developer Blizzard Entertainment, said: “A first-class team can create the true value of an idea.” In Startup Weekend, each team must complete, finalize, and publish their ideas on the last day of the event, allowing angel investors to see their after 54 hours of work.

Two foreigners work together to create a Taiwan entrepreneurial dream
This Startup Weekend Taipei was hosted by two foreign Taiwanese bosses. The idea came from Volker Heistermann from Germany, the founder of Yushan Ventures, a multinational venture capital firm. Volker made his first trip to Taiwan in December last year. Seeing the opportunity, he believed that Taiwanese had entrepreneurial enthusiasm, but lacked enough angel funds to help them spread their wings. Volker decided to abandon the high salary of an  investment bank and start his struggle in Taiwan by using his connections in Silicon Valley to start a Chinese software business.

The other sponsor is Elias Ek, Co-founder and CEO of Enspyre International, which has been successfully established in Taiwan since 2002.  Enspyre is Taiwan’s premier B2B Telemarketing form and also answers phone calls for hundreds of small and medium enterprises.

Startup Weekend organizer cooperation opportunity

Volker recently arrived in Taiwan finding that the entrepreneurial networks and resources in Taiwan had not yet been developed. Therefore, in the process of bringing Startup Weekend to Taiwan, Enspyre could bring the resources and experience it had developed to serve enterprises in Taiwan for many years.

Mr. Ek said: “Taiwan has a lot of talented people. They all have dreams, but it is not enough to have dreams. They also must get stuff done.” Dream bigger, not just about opening small cafes and clothes shops.


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