Graduation ceremony of Enspyre interns


How is the intern graduation party that Enspyre hyped up these weeks? Whether you are a student, an intern or an audience of the Enspyre e-newspaper; let this article take you to the day What’s your activity like now!

The interns signed in one after another. News reporters from the National Chengchi University and Ming Chuan University News and Radio and Television’s memorials also attended today’s event with great support! Although it is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, there are still many students from various universities who are interested in internships and many interns gathered together. In addition to students, parents also attended this event to witness the growth of other interns and understand the internship. Importance to students!

Elias, the owner of Enspyre, asked everyone at the opening ceremony of today’s ceremony: “Have you all heard of the strawberry family? But I believe that Enspyre graduated internships are far from this adjective!” Why did Enspyre start the internship project? In addition to wanting Taiwanese students to better understand the world of marketing and see if they are suitable for this business in the future In addition; selecting suitable employees from interns is also an important reason. In other words, excellent interns have the opportunity to become Enspyre employees after the internship is over! In addition to learning the knowledge and skills of online marketing, there are also more opportunities to get job opportunities, which is of great help to students and Enspyre!

Then we issued certificates of completion for each group of interns, and listened to the growth of each interns in Enspyre and the completed works or activities; students from various universities were also surprised that their senior sisters could have this way outside of school Learn the channels and grow up a lot; for the future, whether it is the ability in the workplace or in the interview, I can proudly describe the various processes learned in Enspyre!

In addition, another highlight of this event is the sales internship program that my sister said will be launched this summer. This is not an internship that teaches you how to become a stalker business; we will understand that successful people in all walks of life are because of them. Know how to properly sell professional to a specific customer group, and adjust to different objects to achieve the best communication mode. There were also lively discussions in the event venue, and many students couldn’t wait to sign up after listening!

Through this activity, the graduated interns will come back to see the learning achievements of the new interns. Being able to gather together in this way to share and communicate with each other is also very rewarding for everyone present! Enspyre will also hold more meaningful activities in the future, and I look forward to seeing you again by then!


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