Atencio iPAX DICOM Camera Solution

DICOM Solution Startup Atencio Happy with Phone Answering

Atencio iPAX DICOM Camera Solution

中文版 Atencio is startup company providing medical care organizations around the world with Clinical Workflow Efficiency Solutions.

Their iPAX DICOM Camera Solution for Android and iOS helps improve clinical efficiency by allowing the clinicians to easily take images of the patient’s case and have them automatically stored in the hospital network.

This helps greatly to reduce the clinician’s administration work and allows them more time with the patient safe in the knowledge that their patients treatments have been documented and securely stored on the hospital systems.

Once uploaded, a clinician can review at their leisure and review with their medical colleagues.

Atencio is based in Taipei, Taiwan, with professionals from Taiwan, & Europe giving them a unique perspective to tackle efficiency problems around the world.

As a startup, the company has to be careful with how they spend their money and their time. They also need to make sure to be as available to their customers as possible. Therefore, Atencio is happy to contract with Enspyre to answer calls and receive faxes.

Having Enspyre’s professional phone answering agents answering all calls, allows Atencio’s employees to spend their time concentrating in meetings and on tasks that move the company forward while all calls are promptly answered. For most calls, the Enspyre answering staff can give Atencio customers the basic information they ask for and pass on any requests or questions to the right manager.

While most of the world has moved away from faxes, some organizations are still used to them. Therefore it is convenient that Enspyre can receive Atencio’s faxes and forward them by email.