“Enspyre gives me peace of mind and convenience. Zheng Law Firm is the lawyer” says lawyer Mr. Zheng.

Mr. Zheng was originally a member of a well-known law firm. When he started to consider the possibility of starting his own firm, he found that there would be a gap in getting his organization set up properly. It is impossible to have a well-trained firm secretary and an organization that can be useful within a short period of time.

After only 3 days, he started using Enspyre’s services to effectively solve his startup problems.

1. A professional telephone secretary that any time answer calls from customers, courts, and related parties.
2. Fax processing and forwarding.
3. Real-time and detailed phone records can be used to summarize the communication history.
4. Instant answering and professional responses give clients peace of mind and increase trust.
5. Save on the initial costs of building a business.

Zheng believes that good interaction with Enspyre, even the thorny issues can be solved easier since Enspyre’s team will answer calls at the first stage to appease angry callers making the follow-up easier and faster.

“Enspyre is my best and most powerful assistant on my entrepreneurial road. I can concentrate on handling customer cases without any worries,” adds Mr. Zheng.