Englist Academic Writing Class

Englist Needs SEO to Reach Parents

Englist Academic Writing Class

Englist is a Taiwanese school specializing in teaching Academic Writing. Founded in 2018 they have quickly attracted a strong following of parents and their children that appreciate their dedication to real knowledge and abilities, as opposed to an emphases on passing a test.

One parent had this to say about Englist:

“All three children in our family have studied under the guidance of Englist teachers. The teachers encourage the students in ways that speak specifically to their unique personalities, and students always feel relaxed and comfortable during class. On the surface it all appears to be stress free, but there is a teaching strategy in place that helps the kids learn more actively and efficiently.”

In order to grow, Englist turned to Enspyre to work on Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to reach more parents who are actively looking for quality education options for their children.

Enspyre started by researching Englist’s current students and their parents. Which schools are they going to during the day, where do they live, what motivates them to find Englist? Then based on this information we came up with a list of keywords that parents use that will be targeted with quality content.

The next step was to clean up the existing Englist WordPress website to ensure it technically fulfilled all expectations Google puts on a site. The next step after that was to start creating quality content about English learning, academic writing and college preparations.

It is early days but already website traffic from Chinese language keywords are up 87%.



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