Your brand starts when we pick up the phone!

Are you missing important calls from customers because you are busy or traveling?

Do you need someone to help answering calls in Mandarin or Taiwanese?

Enspyre will answer your unique phone number with your company name and assist your callers. 

Answers to your Questions

How does Enspyre know who the call if for?

Enspyre will issue you a unique phone number and our phone system will recognize that number and bring up your company information so we can handle the call.

What happens after hours?

Like a real secretary, Enspyre works 9AM to 6PM, Monday to Friday. For off-hours, we can set up a custom voice mail message and ask customers to leave a message. As soon as we come back to work we will handle that message like we would any other call.

What if you can't answer a question?

If a customer is asking a question we can’t answer we will take detailed notes about what they need. We will ask probing questions to ensure we capture all important information. This way, when you receive your call notification via SMS or email, you can quickly assess how to handle the call, collect necessary information and then call back to the caller.

How long of a contract do I need to sign?

First you can test our services for free for 7 days. If you like the services you receive, we ask you to sign for at least 3 months.

Professional Procedures:

  1. Answer all your calls professionally and friendly.
  2. Give greetings in Mandarin, English or Taiwanese.
  3. Reply correctly according to your company needs.
  4. Understand callers’ demands and handle with accuracy.
  5. Assist callers and accurately write down their needs.
  6. Sort out urgent calls and prioritize them.
  7. Log the call with detailed information.
  8. Automatic call notices sent via your choice of SMS or email.
  9. Twice daily automatic Daily Report via email with all the calls for the day.

“Enspyre’s phone answering service help us to lower the administrative cost plus we don’t need to worry about recruitment.”

GM, Industrial Design Company

“Enspyre is like another me answering phone calls. I am really surprised to find this innovative service in Taiwan.”


7 Day Trial

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Phone Answering

  • 150 calls for 2500/month plus tax.
  • If you choose I-answer PA we answer and log calls in Chinese only.
  • $1000 sign-up fee.
  • Basic Q and A.

Virtual Secretary

  • $1900/month plus 50 dollars per call answered.
  • $2000 deposit
  • $1000 sign-up fee.
  • Full Q and A.

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