Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

What is Google’s Remarketing?
Remarketing is the function of displaying advertisements to people who has already visited your website, some social media property or interacted with you in some other way. Through remarketing, companies can reach and adjust advertising information according to a users personal preferences. Huge parts of the internet is part of Google’s advertising network so your ad can “follow” your potential customer to sites they visit.

This kind of personalized precision marketing technology is not new, but it has become more common after big companies such as Google and Microsoft have entered the field. More and more people notice that they tend to see advertisements more after they have visited a company’s site. If done too much, this advertisement might even unnerve some people because they feel monitored. For advertisers it is a revolutionary technique since you can advertise directly and only to the people who has shown some previous interest.

With great power comes great responsibility
In an article in the New York Times, Julie Mattlin said she liked the shoes she saw on Zappos website. She did not intend to buy, but these shoes have been following her since then. In the days that followed, the shoe ads continued to be displayed, practically regardless of the sites she visited.

Maitlin said that the feeling of being entangled in shoes was not very comfortable; when she recently used a dieting service on the Internet, she was even worse off being closely tracked by relevant advertisements. She said: “They are still tracking me. I feel very fat.”

For companies using Google keyword services, using keyword campaigns with remarketing can dramatically improve the overall conversion performance of your campaign. If you disable certain keywords because you don’t see the conversion, you can still use them to attract people and then remarket to the user to drive more conversions. Most of us need some to consider a new purchase so a gentle reminder can help greatly.