Case Study: Keego Mobility


Keego Mobility is a new brand of e-bikes founded in 2020. In the shockwaves of the 2020 Corona19 pandemic, e-bikes were flying off the shelves. People all over the world are fleeing public transportation and choosing cars, bicycles and, increasingly, e-bikes.

Keego came to Enspyre to get help set up the foundation of their marketing and brand building. First step was to build their home on the web: https://keegomobility.com. Since the first generation of their products were not yet ready, the website had to do with photoshopped images in the beginning.


We set up the system so that all visitor data are being collected so that it can be analyzed. Tools used: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google Optimize and Perfect Audience.

Setting up CRM

Enspyre also helped Keego to set up a customer relations management (CRM) to be used for managing all customer connection.

Email Marketing

We encourage website visitors and potential partners to sign up for an email newsletter: Email lists are better than social media in the sense that once you have a person on a list you can communicate with them until they unsubscribe. We will then monitor the results of the email – how many emails are we sending? How many % are opening the email? How many people click on a link? Which links? Which results in leads? This information will be used to improve the effectiveness on the communication.

Social Media

It is important to have social media accounts in order to increase the chances that customers find you AND to show customers an active company that they can trust. We set up pages on Facebook and LinkedIn and then link it to the website and analytics.

SEO/Content Marketing

Enspyre researched which keywords B2B clients are likely to use in English when they research e-bikes. We then started to create good quality content to target these keywords, satisfy their information needs and establish that Keego offers great e-bikes.


We are managing Google Keyword, Display and remarketing as well as Facebook advertising.


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