Innovative Services, Innovative Marketing


Enspyre has always maintained a professional business image but this time they broke some traditions.

In addition to the nature of goods and services, marketing is the most important key to any new company, new product, and development of new markets.

Budgets are limited so creativity has to spire. With enough creativity, you can attract people’s attention, and borrow the power of the media.

Enspyre’s main service – the outsourced telephone secretary, although it is a very popular business service in Europe and America, in Taiwan it is still quite unusual to use this outsourcing to streamline costs and increase the corporate image and save time. Therefore, Enspyre’s marketing team made bold use of interaction, quirks, creativity, and some popular elements to innovate and integrate, and tried to make the phone secretary a product that could stand out in more people’s minds.

On August 20 Enspyre launched a free appointment secretary activity on the website. Anyone who signs up online can designate a Enspyre secretary of their choice to send messages to someone.

When the task is completed, Enspyre’s Secretary will submit the results to the client using SMS and email.

In addition to their telephone secretary expertise, all staff of Enspyre also planned and implemented two creative campaign, one is street action drama, and the other is dancing Transformers.

On the last weekend of August, on the streets of Zhongxiao, a fallen boss screamed, and when he was disheartened, three tall and glamorous Enspyre secretaries came to the street to perform a lively performance and attracting passers-by.


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Case Study: Keego Mobility

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