Education and Training – the cornerstone of success


One of the biggest headaches for all bosses is a high employee turnover rate.

  • Hiring a new employee is always a headache because you don’t know if the new employee is right for your company and the job.
  • The quality of the company’s products and services is likely to be affected by newcomers with less experience.
  • The performance of new recruits will affect the productivity of a work team.
  • It takes a lot of money to train a new person: whether it is a formal training course with a lecturer or on the job training, it requires resources and costs.
  • Some bosses just take excessive employee turnover for granted and want to minimize training costs. They don’t want to invest in a staff member who they assume will soon leave.


Ironically, all the research results tell us that lack of education and training is one of the reasons leading to the rapid departure of employees. The desire and motivation to keep learning is usually the qualities of a good employee.

Education and training can bring unexpected results. In the book “The Starbucks The Legend of the Coffee Kingdom” (Pour Heart Into It), the founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz, pointed out that his company spent more on education and training than on marketing. Considering the success of Starbucks, they must have done something right.

But how do you train your staff? Education and training is not a simple matter. An effective employee education and training program, and the value it generates for the company can only be achieved with careful planning.

Each student must believe that there is a direct link between learning new skills and a successful career. If you choose on-the-job training, make sure the newcomer and the supervisor who teaches him know the delivery process, otherwise the education and training will be easily wasted.

In most cases, a company can’t achieve its long-term business plan without an effort to improve their talent. Just like any other assets of a company, the training budget should be closely related to the company’s strengths.

According to an industry report on Social Training and Development in the US, 18.3% of the company’s education and training leaders have implemented new technologies. These technologies include acquiring new knowledge through computer learning, online interaction, and online universities. According to the survey, classroom learning led by teachers was reduced by 15% last year.

Whether as an education training participant or training provider, feedback on training experience is usually achieved through an open learning environment and close corporate goals.

New scholars often make mistakes. Sitting in a classroom or taking a course does not work very well, ensuring that everyone in the organization realizes that “at the end of the course, learning is about to begin.”


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