Enspyre B2B Marketing Seminar 7 – Sales creativity


Marketing and sales work requires creativity. In this exclusive B2B marketing seminar, Enspyre cooperates with True Development Company. Their CEO Truett Black is an expert at helping people improve their problem solving skills.

Mr Black, is from the United States and has lived in Taiwan for 15 years and is fluent in Mandarin.

Clarify Core Issues and Strengthen Brainstorming
Mr. Black has many years of experience in business and marketing management and has coached many well-known companies such as UMC, Philips, Qualcomm and L’Oreal.

Mr. Black took out two knotted ropes and explained the rules of the game. He challenged pairs of people to work together to solve a physical riddle. How did it succeed? The two fastest successful guests smiled and said: I don’t know, I just did it. True goes on to say: Then let’s try again! In many cases, success is not difficult. It is difficult to know how to recreate success. We must find the cause, review it, and follow the truth to succeed again.

Finally, True briefly introduces CPS (Creativity Problem Solving) training, which promotes more successful marketing and business strategies in a step-by-step manner. And he reminded everyone, while working , don’t forget to ask more questions, considered divergent ideas, and find the best solution.

A Good Helper for B2B Enterprises
Telemarketing is a necessary business development method for most companies. Many companies has greatly improved their efficiency through outsourcing this function; for example, the multinational enterprise Oracle is outsourcing to Enspyre’s telephone marketing team in Taiwan.

Partner Information
True Development is a full-service training and coaching company based in Taipei, Taiwan. We work in close partnership with each of our clients to design and deliver training and coaching solutions that fit their needs. Our values demand that we do everything—proposals, customer service, content design, training and coaching delivery—to the highest standards in the industry. We work hard to make our HR partners successful and treat each stakeholder like a VIP.


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