Virtual Secretary

Since 2002 Enspyre has answered the phone calls for hundreds of companies.

Enspyre answers calls according to each customer’s instructions to give all the callers the best service.

We assist customers, respond to product inquiries, orders, event inquiries, etc.

Optional Services

Telephone number:
Use our phone number directly, one-time fee of $1000.
(The number is yours to use and publish during the contract period)

Fax number and forwarding:
Use our fax number, and we will forward faxes to your email, monthly fee of $1000. (Up to 100 faxes per month)
(The number is yours to use and publish during the contract period)

Custom Voicemail:
Customized telephone voice mail greeting, we'll check voicemails each morning and log as a phone call, one-time fee of $1000.

Lawyer Needs Backup

"Enspyre gives me peace of mind and convenience. Zheng Law Firm is the lawyer" says lawyer Mr. Zheng. Mr. Zheng was originally a member of a well-known law firm. When he started to consider the possibility of starting his own firm, he found that there would be a gap...

Machine Parts Agent Gain Professional Image

They are an agent to sell professional machine parts in Taiwan. They are a small company where each employee has to deliver value. Why chose Enspyre: Professional Image Since the products they are selling are high-end precision products it is important to also deliver...

Revitalash Saves a Fulltime Salary

Kexinna imports make up products. They started to use Enspyre's phone answering service to avoid the high costs of hiring a full-time secretary and ensure the highest level of customer service. Kexinna's products are consumer products so their image is very important,...

7-Day Trial!

Virtual Secretary

  • $1900/month plus 50 dollars per call answered.
  • $2000 deposit
  • $1000 sign-up fee
  • Full Q and A

Phone Answering

  • 150 calls for 2500/month plus tax
  • If you choose Phone Answering we answer and log calls in Chinese only
  • $1000 sign-up fee
  • Basic Q and A