B2B Business Development Services Boosts MUSA Trademark Agency's Success at Meet Taipei - Enspyre

B2B Business Development Services Boosts MUSA Trademark Agency’s Success at Meet Taipei

B2B Business Development Services Boosts MUSA Trademark Agency's Success at Meet Taipei - Enspyre
Company Introduction
MUSA Trademark Ltd. offers comprehensive trademark consulting services to businesses, specializing in trademark registration, protection, and trademark strategy planning. Their services cover both the Taiwanese and global markets, ensuring that companies enjoy comprehensive trademark protection.
Products and Target Customers
The founder of MUSA recognized that many startup brands, due to a lack of experience or resources, often overlook the importance of trademarks, resulting in damages to their intellectual property rights. Therefore, MUSA is dedicated to promoting awareness of trademark protection and providing comprehensive trademark consulting services to new startup companies.

MUSA’s services cater to customers from all industries, including brands such as Avier, a leader in mobile peripherals; 8more, specializing in tremella drinks; oqLiq, a Taiwanese fashion brand; Keego Mobility, known for electric delivery bicycles; and Vana Candles, a provider of Nordic fragrances.

Marketing Challenges and Dilemmas
Since 2018, MUSA has been participating in Meet Taipei, Asia’s largest innovation and startup festival organized by BusinessNext since 2013. The festival typically has over 400 startup exhibitors.

However, the MUSA team observed that during the event, the limited time and exhibition environment made it challenging to engage in in-depth conversations with their target customers. This, in turn, increased the difficulties of post-event follow-up. Hence, they contacted Enspyre to seek professional assistance.

Enspyre Services and Benefits
For many businesses, participating in exhibitions is a crucial component of B2B sales . Leveraging their 20 years of development experience, the Enspyre team proposed a two-stage solution for MUSA:

Stage One: Advance Preparation to Enhance Development

By establishing contact with the exhibitors before the event, we moved the development process earlier in the pipeline. This approach significantly reduced the time required for following up after the event compared to the traditional method, where the sales process would begin only after MUSA met the prospect at the show and exchanged business cards. Additionally, pre-screening allowed for the precise targeting of the right potential customers, thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Stage Two: Seizing Opportunities to Improve Post-Exhibition Conversion

Enspyre assisted MUSA in promptly identifying the trademark needs and potential opportunities of each targeted exhibitor. Through real-time interactions during the exhibition, within a week, MUSA ended up having appointments with the correct decision makers of 75% of the potential customers. This significantly decreased the time spent on post-event follow-up and increased conversion rates.

Jessie Chou, the CEO of MUSA, said, “Enspyre is full of experience and efficiency. They have significantly improved our exhibition results. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Enspyre for even more sales.”

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