[Ideas Magazine] Interview with Elias Ek, CEO of Enspyre

Enspyre's Elias Ek share his experience as an foreign entrepreneur in Taiwan. The program "Innovation One", jointly produced by IDEAS and FM 96.7 UDN Radio, was jointly developed by the IDC and focused on the entrepreneurial experience and the idea of innovation. In...

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[Taiwan News] EU Democracy Thoughts Hits Taiwan

    Elias Ek, CEO of Enspyre, attended the international academic seminar and spoke about democracy. The Taiwan Democracy Foundation and the European Union Law Research Center of the National Taiwan University Law School held the "Democratic Development...

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[Liberty Times] Enspyre Creative Marketing of Taiwan

Invite Oprah as Eslite's one-day store manager, Lance Armstrong to ride around Taiwan, and then find Jim Carrey to attend the Taiwan Temple Fair, shoot a reality TV show and broadcast to the world", from Jane Ting (from left to right) The LVV team consisting of Yu...

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