In 2009, both B2C and B2B companies experienced the test of sales decreases. Although the economy is slowly recovering in 2010, no one feels safe and the economic crisis will happen again. Enterprises should re-examine their customer relationship management and work to make their relationships to their customers stronger.

Shallow Speech
Many large companies use the slogans of customer comes first and the customer is always right, but in fact, the company’s budget is limited and employees are often not authorized to fully use their budget and resources to maintain customer relationships.  Considering the cost of maintaining customer relationships these simple slogans should not be used. Every time a company is disappointing a customer, their impression of that company grows more negative.

The marketing department needs time to be able to research the customer’s needs and preferences but many companies will make marketing strategies and plans without complete information, which is why so many marketing strategies fail. We must know how to listen and analyze customers’ opinions and formulate marketing strategies accordingly.

Because of the development of the Internet, Twitter, Facebook and other social media can help customers to give feedback. But these opinions can only be used as a reference, they must be compared with customer satisfaction surveys to ensure what the broader customer segment thinks.

Brand spirit
The so-called brand is not only the design and trademark, but also the realization of its brand spirit. The brand spirit of the company is to be realized from the actual service, not the beautiful advertising words. Every level of service must achieve such a spirit.

Need employee support
Many companies believe that once the entrepreneurial spirit is released, employees will automatically follow or implement that spirit. In fact, enterprises must implement internal marketing to convince employees to implement such entrepreneurial spirit.

Customer experience and loyalty
Many studies will give you the same conclusion. Customers who have a good buying experience will increase their brand loyalty. Improved customer experience leads to increase in sales.

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